Meta Name Search v1.10

For a given name Meta Name Search searches in parallel quite some available sources of E-mail addresses on the WWW and Usenet. More than competitors like MESA and Copernic.
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MSN Member Directory
Google Newsgroups
PGP Public key servers
Internet Address Finder (beta)

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News, to do and changelog

Mar 3, 2004 Update: (seems to have disappeared).
Nov 16, 2003 Improvement: Fixed Yahoo results parsing.
Nov 12, 2003 Improvement: 'System overloaded' error messages should not appear anymore: moved to a new (dedicated) server. Thanks Henk van Ess!
Nov 12, 2003 Update: Removed (seems to have disappeared).
Sep 16, 2003 Update: Removed (seems to have disappeared).
Sep 7, 2003 Update: Removed
Jul 27, 2003 Fix: Moved the script to another computer because of performance problems. Things should be working again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Feb 20, 2003 Improvement: Added (a Dutch e-mail guide).
Feb 18, 2003 Improvement: Added the MSN Member Directory.
Jan 15, 2003 Improvement: You can save your settings now.
Jan 02, 2003 Improvement: Added Internet Address Finder (beta).
Sep 28, 2002 Improvement: I compiled a FAQ, if you have questions please have a look there before contacting me.
Aug 22, 2002 Improvement: Now searching the PGP Public key servers too. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, Marco!
Aug 18, 2002 Bug fix: Repaired a bug which crashed the script without notifying the user. If the error occurs now an error message is given.
Aug 18, 2002 Request: if you know of other publicly available sources I could add, please let me know. Thanks in advance.